Teruaki Terai, JLOC member and a designer of racing cars, thought that he participated in some races with Lamborghini car but he did not have a racing car nor sponsors. In 1993, he got a burnt Lamborghini Countach. He and his friend M. Mearashi, former car magazine editor, had planned to enter JGTC starting In 1994. They were going to reinforce burnt chassis and using mono plasticbody.

In 1994 spring, the car was not still completed. They could not enter the 1st race at Fuji but the news of participation of Lamborghini Countach to JGTC race attracted the organizer. And they were requested to enter Fuji race.
Then Mr. Mearashi invited Mr. Satoshi Ikezawa, a cartooner and racing driver,and he negotiated with Art Sport to supply a racing car. Mr. Terai obtained a famousdriver Mr. Takao Wada and sponsor Rain X.

Art Sport supplied normal Countach. The car was very heavy for racing after tear off gorgeous interior. Moreover engine, clutch, transmission, differential, etc., were normal specifications. Modified only brake and wheels to race spec. The car was completed. They invited Mr. Isao Noritake, a chairman of JLOC, for sole director and team structure was established. Team participated all five races with director Mr. Terai and drivers Mr. Wada and Mr. Ikezawa and finished two races.

Team had decided to develop Lamborghini Diablo racing car. Mr. Terai did his utmost to make the car even so he got serious disease, and Mr. (Naotake) Tamura sponsored the production cost of the car. In March, 1995, the car Diablo Jota was completed and participated the GT race from the first race.
But Mr. Terai was died by cancer on August 1995.
In the first season 1995 the team completed four races in five races. In 1996 the team finished two races in five races.
Then the team decided to develop the next race car.
The team organization in 1997, Mr. Hisashi Wada succeeded Mr. Ikezawa and raced with Mr. Takao Wada. The car was newly developped Diablo GTR loaded Hewland sequential 6-speed gearbox fitted tail of the engine, however finished two races in five races because of the problem of gearbox.
In this year the team got 9th in the first race of All Star Race at Twin Ring circuitAnd the car showed a glimpse of her quickness.

In 1998, Mr. Naohiro Furuya instead of Mr. Takao Wada joined the team and Mr. (Shunichi) Funaki became a director. The car was fully modified and named Diablo GT1. The team finished full 6 races and got the maximun 9th position.

In 1999, the team organization is the same of 1998 and finished 4 races in full 7 races. The team got 12th position having serious problem of the car in All Starrace at Autopolice.

In the year of 2001, new car Diablo JGT-1 debuted and drivers were Mr. Naohiro Furuya and former F1 driver Mr. Marco Appicella.
A team owner Mr. Isao Noritake was appointed to a director and a engineer was Mr. Tsunetoshi Terai a chief mechanic at the beginning of team (brother of the late Mr. Teruaki Terai team founder). But the car could not be ready for the first race.

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