Mr. Tsuyoshi Takahashi is a young and promising driver. He had been trained in Italy and speaks Italian fluently. He has his own racing kart shop and makes an Effort to kids kart to bring up future talented drivers. His cool and calm driving is reassuring for the team.

TSUYOSHI TAKAHASHI He started Kart in 1985 and raced in Hong Kong in 1989. He entered World Kart Championship in 1991 then 1992 he went to Italy for race training. He got series 4th of Italian Championship in 1993.
1994:He got series 4th in Italian Championship
1995:He got series 3rd in Italian Championship. One 1st podium
1996:He got series champion in Suzuka F4 race. Three 1st podiums
1997:He entered the All Japan GT Championship
1998:He entered Formula Nippon
1999:Entered the All Japan GT Championship.
2000:He belonged to our team for JGTC.

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