Cheetah/LM001/LMAIn 1977, Lamborghini planned military car of four-wheel drive for new market development, and Cheetah was presented. Cheetah withV8 engine in rear and 3-speed AT was not mass-produced after all.

Cheetah/LM001/LMAIn 1981, Lamborghini planned to make vehicle for private enterprise on a bases of Cheetah, and this was LM001. LM is abbreviation of Lamborghini Miritary and continue an image of military car. Next year, LM002 and LMA were presented.
LM002 was the car which transshipped V12 engine of Countach to LM001, and the same engine was loaded in the front of LMA which was trial manufacture model.

Cheetah/LM001/LMAIn 1984, LM004 which carried 7 liters V12 engine for the speed boats, Lamborghini is good at, was produced but those models were not reached mass production.
After all, mass-produced car from 1986 having front 5.2 liters engine, the same engine as Countach, was named LM002 (LM002 in 1982 was rear engine).There is the trend which calls this mass production car Cheetah incorrectly in Japan.

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