FACTORY INTRODUCTION2-1 The production of room design begins from a hand cutting of the highest grade leather according to a paper pattern. Leather part covers not only a seat but also all the part to be seen from a driver so a large quantity of area is needed. In addition, the part of wound and wrinkle, and coloring irregularity are not used therefore, cowhide for eight cows will be used for room design of one Diablo.
As for the color of room design, standard color is common, but if special order at first beginning by dyeing leather of 8 cows.

FACTORY INTRODUCTION2-2 The seat is finished beautifully. To produce one seat, the cutting, the sewing and Crossing by all manual labor for several hours. Because an aspect of the seat which person gets on is the part that consumption is the most intense so high quality leather is used and is produced politely.
Recently, orders to make piping of the seat (another color in a pipe of an edge of seat) and to make room design material in itself Alcantala (the highest grade artificial hide and cost is also same as the highest grade leather) seem to increase, but these can be with correspondence only by a handmade product.

FACTORY INTRODUCTION2-3 A process of this place is to assemble the under-chassis parts, engine and gearbox. Engine, the under-chassis parts, etc., are crossed at the other line in Lamborghini factory. While it is adjusted elaborately, one one of them is assembled by manual laber. The specifications of engine and gearbox are different according to shipping countries and orders, and have to work according to the instructions book.
Nothing problems at assembling, a combination of the chassis number and the engine number is decided.

FACTORY INTRODUCTION2-4 Door is painted with the body but it pass through the other line from there, and finished inner and outer decoration then it is crossed on a body just before the finish. Also, each hoods are crossed to a body at last stage and have final check of confirmation of opening and shutting or clearance with the lock situation inside when it closed and it is completed as a product. Oil is put in an engine and a gearbox, after coolant enters an engine is started. Adjustment such as effluent gas or idling in a specialized booth, and if there is not abnormality it become line off.

FACTORY INTRODUCTION2-5 Even if the car does off the line road test is left. As for the handmade high efficiency sport car, road test is done again by a hand of person whether there is not abnormality. A thick protection sheet is set up in the whole body not gain a dirt in the case of road test. This sheet protects a body from some spattered stones.
A test driver runs a completion car on a general road of Sant'Agata outskirts, and check all small several tens check items.

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