FACTORY INTRODUCTION1-1 We will have you look the production process of Diablo (at the time of 1994).
This is a jig to cross four fenders made by aluminum all around to the chassis the chassis which was crossed politely by square sectional steel pipe.
Roof of steel made which is welded from the beginning to the chassis.
Aluminum body is easy to transform in comparison with steel and a cost is Expensive, besides, technology is necessary for welding and processing, but It is adopted because of lightweight. At first Diablo of one 1 begins to be made from this jig.

FACTORY INTRODUCTION1-2 Steel doors are incorporated in the chassis fixed fenders.
Different from large quantity production cars, there is affinity with chassis Of one 1 even if doors incorporated so check elaborately gaps delicately and a part which doors hit. This process is in a part depending on the craftsman skill of mastery skills, locate a door and instructions are done where sharpen and where beat.
In the same way FRP made front hood, engine hood, side skirt are composed temporary, and a body is unified.

FACTORY INTRODUCTION1-3 Beat and sharpen body according to the instruction. A red arm is a vacuum machine which breathe in sharpen refuse not to stick to a body and not to be into the human body.
There are FRP made engine hood and side skirt in light green color in the back and side of a body. For the last these are incorporated and finished on beautiful body without difference in grade and distortion. Several craftsmen take full day to finish one car. Such a process is not watched by production of a production car in large quantities.

FACTORY INTRODUCTION1-4 When a body is completed, next becomes a painting process. A moving parts such as doors and each hood are taken off once and by one of them is painted carefully. The painting color is applied according to the order by standard color or a color of special order. In other words a point in time to assembling chassis it is decided where to ship and what color to be painted. As for being seen in the left, a black cover for protect the painting surface of painted body. Doors and hoods are managed severely in order to fit to the original body.

FACTORY INTRODUCTION1-5 This is assembling line. Line is not a belt conveyor system but a chassis is ona handcart and after one assembled a man push it to the next process. At the line all components from engine, wheels to interior decoration are crossed to the chassis, and it is a complete car when appear at this lane. In addtion, specifications and installation parts are delicately different depen upon shipment countries and orders therefore cross the by all manual labor according to instruction book.

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