A succeeding car of Diablo presented in September, 2001 is this Murcielago.Murcielago is a meaning of a bat in Spanish, and the origin of the name is thename of bullfighting the strongest in history that existed in the 17th century.
Not ashamed in the name this Murcielago has appeared as the strongest model in Lamborghini history. The engine is 60-degree V-type 12 cylinders DOHC 4 valves 6192cc and the output is 580ps. It is proud of the maximum speed to exceed 330km/h by 6-speed gearbox. Doors, same as Countach and Diablo, pop up with front hinge.
The radiator inlet of rear quarter rear will rise like wing of a bat if water temperature becomes high and let quantity of inflow of air increase.
In addition, the car has the rear wing which gets up to two phases according to the speed. In spite of dimensions one size bigger than Diablo, looking a little small is by narrowing a body of front and rear and the body design by Audi Design Center.
In Japan, Lamborghini Japan and the agency are handling Murcielago and price is 25,500,000yen.

Murcie'lago Murcie'lago Murcie'lago Murcie'lago Murcie'lago
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