MiuraIt was P400 Miura, appeared in 1966, which became a driving force for Lamborgini to get the current popularity.. Lamborghini company of 1963 establishment of business announced the chassis putting the engine side and mid ship, and covered a wonderful body by a design of Mr. Bertone appeared.
The mid ship was adopted only by race car in those days. The world's first V12 mid ship road car created a sensation.

MiuraMr. Ferruccio considered it would be good if made Miura around 10 to the utmost as leader image of Lamborghini but the back order of Miura was buried for several years.
A headlight of characteristic swing up, fin of light and door was fierce. At first, 4 liters 350ps engine was loaded but in 1968 P400S with 370ps engine and in 1971 P400SV with 385ps engine were presented. In 1973 stopped production and total production number is 760.

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