CountachIt is Countach speaking of Lamborghini, a famous car. This car was presented as LP500 Countach in 1971. 5-liter V12 DOHC engine was 440ps and maximum speed more than 300km/h it was wonderful engine.
However, because of Lamborghini management crisis LP400 commercial car was released in 1974 and engine had become conventional 4 liters.

CountachAfterwards, Lamborghini company greeted crisis of bankruptcy many times but only Countach was continued production. In 1978, LP400S with an exaggerated fender, in 1982 LP500S with 4.7-liter engine and in 1985 LP5000 Quatro Valvore with 5.2-liter 4 valves 455ps engine were presented.
In 1988, Lamborghini 25th Anniversary limited model Anniversary appeared. Until the 1990 production end each model total about 2000 cars were produced.

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