Lamborghini Day 1993 year

Lamborghini Day 1993 yearLamborghini Day 3 was held on 25th and 26th September,1993.
25th morning we visited to a grave of Ferruccio who died on 20th February this year.
The village of (Renaccio) which was hi birth place became full of Lamborghini cars.
After visit to a grave, we backed to Sant'Agata. In Lamborghini factory, all production lines of Diablo were removed and became a huge party meeing place.
production lines could move because of handmade entirely.

Lamborghini Day 1993 yearThere was a huge cake in a corner of a party meeting place. A fanfare resounded after enjoyment of a splendid lunch, a new car Diablo SE appeared from this cake,and it was introduced. It was announced SE was abbreviation of special edition and the 150-limited production model that was commemorative for establishment of a business 30 years, besides, lightweight body. Owners rushed up from tables with at the same time of appearance a car. They made immediate reservation of the car and most of the number of limited production had been fully booked.

Lamborghini Day 1993 yearIn the afternoon of 25th, usual Miss Lamborghini contest was held and in the night dinner party at venerable old castle and we made a fuss until late night past 2:00.
The next day, time-trial used a runway of Bologna Aero Club airfield. All event menus were over happily.

Afterward, Lamborghini Day 4 was planned sometimes but owner of the company had been changed, development of new model was scheduled, etc., Lamborghini Day 4 will be held at the time of presentation of new model at an early date.

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