LAMBORGHINI DAY 1990 YEARLamborghini Day 2 was held on 20th and 21st of January, 1990 at Monte Carlo.
And 21st was the date of start race of well-known Monte Carlo Rally.
In a dinner party held at Monte Carlo world millionair living Diablo was presented.
Diablo means "blood of an ox" in Spanish.

LAMBORGHINI DAY 1990 YEARDiablo was displayed on a Monte Carlo Rally starting block specially set up in front of famous casino corner. The building seen rear is Hotel du Paris.
JLOC members stayed this hotel which may be said to be the world's best hotel.
A driver of Diablo was Mr. Sandro Munali who was famous rally driver and also was a manager of public information section. Monte Carlo usually several Lamborghini cars can be seen but, this day, was fulled with several hundred Lamborghini cars.

LAMBORGHINI DAY 1990 YEARThe hairpin curve which is the most impressive place of the F1 Grand Prix is in front of this Rose Hotel. This day all the parking of Rose Hotel were full of Lamborghini cars.
After all the participated cars of Monte Carlo Rally ran off from a starting block,Usual Miss Lamborghini Contest was done here. We will decline it, but it is a car not a woman even if it says Miss.
Afterwards the owners promised to meet again at Lamborghini Day 3 while regretting farewell.

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