The 31st JLOC Meeting was held at Ise-shima, Mie on 30th Nov (Sat) and 1st Dec (Sun) 2002. Many members from Kansai, Chubu and Kanto area joined the meeting.

November,2002.ISE-SHIMA MEETINGOn 30th many members were gather at Gozaisho parking area of Higashi Meihan Expressway and directed to Ise district. More than twenty Lamborghini cars were arrived at Ise-shima Royal Hotel before the reception time.

November,2002.ISE-SHIMA MEETINGReputed JLOC goods sales corner was established next to the reception and sold new Team JLOC sweat shirt and JLOC shoes other than usual goods. We excused to sell the goods to general guest in the hotel who wished to buy them.

November,2002.ISE-SHIMA MEETINGThe party from 7:00pm was started from the presentation of Lamborghini Japan Tour for Lamborghini 40th Anniversary by Ms. Rie Yamazaki of Lamborghini Japan.
Later in the party, bingo was held and hit premium goods which were released by a chairman Mr. Noritake.

November,2002.ISE-SHIMA MEETINGSunday was raining day. The touring course was announced at 10:00am and started touring at 10:30am. Short stop at an observatory at Toba in the morning mist then Each small groups drove to Nabananosato near Nagashima Hot Spring Resort where we had a lunch. We arrived there earlier than the estimated time and the weather was recovered.
After barbecue lunch, we took memorial pictures in front of more than 60 Lamborghini cars.
Next meeting will be held around Kanto area in the spring of 2003.

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