The 30th JLOC meeting was held at Hamana Lake, Shizuoka on 8th (Sat) and 9th (Sun) June, 2002. This meeting was the 30th memorial meeting. It was the 15th meeting for JLOC holding the meeting twice a year.

June,2002 HAMANAKO MEETINGMany Lamborghini cars were arrived at Hamana Lake Royal Hotel before 5:00pm reception time and there was a cheerful mood. When the reception started good old faces were gathered. Next to the reception JLOC goods sales corner was set up and new t-shirts were sold out.

June,2002 HAMANAKO MEETINGMr. Carlo Zambotto the representative of Lamborghini Japan arrived here by a public car Murcielago and the party in Japanese type room was started at 7:00pm in peaceful atmosphere.
In usual bingo hit the factory goods presented by Lamborghini Japan, Jota SVR dycast scale models presented by Kyosho and the goods presented by Car Graphic.

June,2002 HAMANAKO MEETINGSunday 9th, fine day and seemed becoming hot. The touring coure was announced At 9:30am and started at 10:00am. A front runner was white Murcielago of a chairman Mr. Noritake. The touring to Nihondaira was excitment and pleasant, we arrived at Nihondaira Hotel in an instant.

June,2002 HAMANAKO MEETINGWe all were taken memorial pictures and brokenup after lunch.
Next meeting is going to be held in Kansai area in the fall of 2002.

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