CLUB PROGRESS At the time of JLOC started, there were only few members because of few Lamborghini cars and they were very expensive. Also getting spare parts and maintenance were difficult.
In 1980, JLOC was formed by the owners of Lamborghini Miura. In March 1988 succeeded the club name and 1st meeting was held at Sanza Villa Hamana Lake. 17 Lamborghini cars were gathered.

The club invites special guests frequently. The photo shows we invited Mr. And Mrs. Valentino Balboni, a test driver of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., in May,1992. Mr. Balboni is a very popular person among Lamborghini owners in theworld. He has been a test driver since 1973. He told us wonderful story andepisode at the time of production of Miura and introduction of the latest model. CLUB PROGRESS

CLUB PROGRESS The number of person joining every club meeting has been solidly increasing and registered members are more than 100 persons.
JLOC was formed for the purpose of exchanging information and friendship Between owners, and now important purpose of club are to appeal superb Lamborghini cars and safety drive. This picture shows the memorial run of JLOC 10th Anniversary Meeting at Suzuka circuit in 1997.
Just before the race of the All Japan GT Championship our club demonstrate Lamborghini cars for the fun of audience.

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